Create your first DataBase With AWS (how to)

AWS RDS is a relational database service in the cloud provided by Amazon Web Services. 

Simple setup , operation, and a highly scalable relational database for your applications. Administration processes like patching the database software, backing up databases and enabling point-in-time recovery are managed automatically


  • Aws Account
  • Administrator level access to RDS 

1.Sign in to AWS account and Navigate to RDS from the search Console.

2.Click on to Create Database

3. Select the Standard Create 

       Here we will be choosing RDS you want , for demo purpose we can create a MariaDB. Then you can select the environment , if you want to use the free tier – select it and choose t2.micro as the instance. 



4. Now we can Name the Database and choose an admin username and set a master password as shown in the image. For demo purposes, we will be selecting a dev/test environment and a t3.micro instance.

5.Now we can choose the Storage

Allocate Storage, we can choose 20 for now. it’s a good practice to enable auto-scaling, Multi-AZ deployment, and setting a threshold size. You can skip it in case your DB architecture demands it.

6. Keep Everything default and Click Create RDS.


7. Congratulations, you have successfully created your first RDS.

Once your RDS is ready you will be able to see your endpoint for your RDS.

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