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Git Commands Comes handy

Git is a highly matured open-source software that is famous for tracking changes and collaboration among programmers. Git plays a major role in DevOPS for source code management.

The git is very efficient in speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows

Basic Git commands

Clone a repository

git clone [url] 

Start a new repository

git init [repository]

Add file to the staging area

git add [filename]

Save changes to repository & commit

git add .
git commit -m " my first commit"

Status of repository

git status 

Show difference which you are not staged

git log

Differences between the two branches – branch_1 and branch_2

git diff branch_1 branch_2 

Get entire commit history 

git diff branch_1 branch_2 

Git Undo

Undo the previous commit

git revert HEAD^ 

Revoke from the staging area but leave the working directory unchanged

git reset [file] 

Shows which files be removed from the working directory

git clean -n 

Git Branches

List all branchs

git branch

Create new branch

git branch [NameOfBranch]

List all branches

git branch -a

Deleting a branch

git branch -d [NameOfBranch]

Merging all changes to current branch

git merge [NameOfBranch]

Checking an existing branch

git checkout [NameOfBranch] 

Git Tag

Creating a tag

git tag [TagName]

Deleting a tag

git tag -d [TagName] 

Push tags

git push --tags

Git Remote repositories

Getting latest version of the repository

git pull[NameOfBranch] [url]

Gets a specific [branch] from the repo

git fetch [remote_url] [branch] 

Get  speficif remote copy of branch

git pull [remote_url]

Push branch to remote

git push [remote_url] [BrnaceName]

Git Delete

Deleting file – Force

git rm -f [NameOfFile]

Remove the entire Directory from the working index

git rem -r --cached [NameofDirecotry]

Deleting an entire directory

git rm -r -f [NameofFile]

Delete an remote branch

git push origin :[NameofBranch]

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