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  • Introducing Parsec! – an ultra-low latency service that allows you to connect from anywhere to any screen.

Ultra-low latency remote access? #CloudTechnology

Supports Windows, Google Chrome, MacOS, Android, Raspberry Pi 3, and Linux.

Have you ever been frustrated with how slow Quick Assist is? Or always wanted to be able to copy paste text across multiple computers? Today I will be sharing a service that helps manage multiple computers with ultra-low latency at 60 FPS.

Put simply, parsec is a remote access manager. Both computers must have the client installed, and one can host while the other can connect. The free version only allows you to connect to one computer at a time whereas the paid version allows for more.

Parsec has been highly optimized for gaming and even features a Parsec Arcade where you can connect to other users who are hosting their computers to remotely play as if you were both in the same room.

Parsec Arcade

Installing the client is as easy as downloading and unpacking.

When you install the client, you will have the option to either share your computer or connect to one that has been shared with you.

Connect and share your computers

What happens next is up to you. For me, my use case is having my desktop at home host, so I can connect to it with my laptop from almost anywhere. This allows me to game, or even do creative editing using the processing power of my desktop, at minimal battery drain for my laptop. Then once I’m done, I will just email the file to myself or upload it through my desktop.

High quality, ultra-low latency gaming on my laptop, but using my computer’s processor.

I have found similar services that you may be interested in, but hands down I prefer parsec simply for its ultra-low latency. I have used it to play normally couch games with my family who are in Malaysia, and have used it to access powerful, processor-intense editing tools at the airport while I was waiting for my flight home.

To summarise:

What I really liked

What I don’t really like

Ultra-low latency, 60 fps, buttery smooth framerates, high quality images

Host computer must always be turned on and connected to the internet.

This may be a problem if there is a power outage you will need to physically restart the host computer.

Copy-pasting text across multiple computers.

Quality will sometimes dip as the client prioritizes low latency. (this can be changed in the config file but your mileage may vary)

Hotkeys to detach mouse, enable immersive mode, and send CTRL+ALT+DEL


Gamepad support


Multiple users can connect to a single host. And collaborate on one computer simultaneously. This is perfect for remote work and accessing your work computer from home.


Friends & Chat feature when you’re connected (although I don’t see why you’d really use this when there’s teams/discord/etc)


Some similar services if you want to try:

Moonlight – Highly optimized for gaming, not able to remote-access.

ShadowPC – Your own personal high-end desktop pc in the cloud.

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