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How to Setup ANSIBLE Infrastructure Ansible For Everyone – Part 2: 100 days of Cloud: Day 33


DAY 33- Ansible For Everyone(Practical) – Part 2 – Day Thirty Three

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📘 Please read Part one to understand bits and basics of ANSIBLE.

 Ansible For Everyone – Part 1Anuvindh Sankaravilasam for AWS Community Builders ・ May 21 ・ 2 min read#devops #webdev #productivity #opensource

☁️ Lets setup the environment in AWS

  • We will spin up one EC2 as slave and one EC2 as the Master Node or the control center for ansible.
  • Then we use this Master node to connect the other EC2 instance (Slave).

🪛 Prerequsite

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  • Access and privilages to launch EC2 with Ubuntu
  • Putty or any other SSH tools
  • Security group with ports ssh open (Port 22)

Setup environment

Lets launch 2 EC2 instances

  • Use AWS EC2 console or CLI.
aws ec2 run-instances \
--image-id <ami-id> \
--instance-type <instance-type> \
--subnet-id <subnet-id> \
--security-group-ids <security-group-id>\
--key-name <ec2-key-pair-name> \
--count 2

Set up Ansible Control Center

  • Rename one EC2 to Ansible Control Center on console
  • Now lets SSH into Ansible Control Center EC2
    • Rename the server
   sudo hostnamectl set-hostname Ansible-Control-Center
  • Now lets update and install ANSIBLE

Run these commands

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install software-properties-common -y
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ansible/ansible
sudo apt update
sudo apt install ansible -y 

Set up Ansible Slaves – Your ProdServer

  • Rename one EC2 to Ansible Slaves – Your ProdServer on console
  • Rename the server
   sudo hostnamectl set-hostname AnsibleSlaves-YourProdServer
  • Install Python
  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get install python3 -y

Configure SSH access

On Ansible Control Center

  • Genarate a rsa key.
cd .ssh
  • Press enter ,we donot require any changes.
  • Now if we ls we will be able to see id_rsa &, lets cat

Note down this key

On Ansible Slaves

  • ssh into your slave server then,
cd .ssh
sudo nano authorized_keys
  • Now on next line paste the key we previously noted & save it.

Now its play time.

Image its play time

Goto your Ansible Control Center EC2.

  • lets ssh into ansible slave
  • Image ssh

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