IT is a great industry where we get to face challenges and find variety of solutions day by day. A person who does it with passion would really like it. There are a lot of possibilities of improve everyday and keep you satisfied in the job. But when we think of the long hours in the chair in font of the computer screen (that is like your second partner at work), is it really doing something good to our body?

Human body is designed to move, that’s why we have flexible joints and moving parts that are organized in such a way that it could be controlled and moved as we think. It is still complex though to understand what’s going on inside and physically. I am not the guy to talk about it. But I will try to communicate here what I observed from a few years of chair and my loving screen.

Avoid the Fatigue

Fatigue is a slow killer!

For IT or any job that involves long hours of sitting, at the end of the day, we might feel drained and having no energy at all. That is mainly because we go home with the tired body, mind and just get used to live with it; eventually will start feeling like we’re tired always and that could be dangerous.

There are certain ways you could avoid fatigue from the long hours of sitting.

Take Short Breaks

Taking short breaks in between will signal your brain that your body is moving and you are straightening the spine. Make sure that you change your eyes from concentrated to a panoramic mode, that is avoid looking at the screen and go out get some fresh air or simply look at the sky and breath. In-fact it will refresh yourself and make things faster.

Move After Work

It is important to keep your body moving after work to keep the motivation for tomorrow and avoid getting into the clutches of fatigue. A good way that I found is to bike to and from work. I know it is not as easy as it sounds. There could be lot of excuses, climate, distance, etc. could be some of them. But if you start doing it, you might hate yourself for not starting it a bit early and everyday you have one more thing to motivate to go-to work and back from work.

It will

  • Refresh you before and after work
  • Avoid fatigue after work
  • Keep your energy level maintained no matter how stressful the workday was
  • Improve your efficiency of getting things done
  • Help reducing carbon emission

So yes, start biking and start changing yourself.