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How to Deploy Containerized Applications with ECS: 100 days of Cloud: Day 31


DAY 31- Deploy Containerized Applications with ECS – Day Thirty One

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Get the app

Here Iam using a website with nginx server to deploy on a container with the help of ECR.
Let’s get the data

git clone


Building a docker file

  • Lets build our NGINX docker file for our website.
  • once you have created the docker file inside the folder, copy-paste the below commands
FROM nginx:latest
COPY ./ /usr/share/nginx/html/
  • I am using VScode, check below to understand the folder structure
    AWS Permissions
  • Make sure you have programmatic access via AWS CLI
  • Full permissions to ECS & AmazonEC2ContainerRegistryFullAccess


Create a repository

  • Goto ECR from AWS console and create a repository
  • Create a ECR repo ,i have named mine webapp-ecr-repo

Login to ECR

if you open the repo, on the right-hand side you can see an option for view push commands.

Now using AWS CLI login to ECR

aws ecr get-login-password --region xx-xxxxxx-xx| docker login --username AWS --password-stdin

Build the docker image

docker build -t webapp-ecr-repo .

Lets tag our image with repo name

docker tag webapp-ecr-repo:latest

Lets push the image to the repository

docker push

if you are using PowerShell on windows please use windows commands to push the image to the repo.

Image options


Create a cluster

  • Goto ECS dashboard and click Create Cluster.
  • select EC2 Linux + Networking
  • Enter Cluster name & EC2 instance type , am keeping it to t2.micro.
  • Select the default VPC and Subnets available.
  • Also enable Auto assign public IP
Image ip
  • you can use default Security group or create a new one or can attach a Security group which is already created.
  • Now click Create
  • Image create

Creating Task Definition

  • Click on create Task Definition & then select EC2
Image Taskdef
  • I am naming mine as Taskdef-webapp-ecr
  • Update Task memory to 128 and Task CPU to 1 vCPU, then click Add Container
  • Add a name, mine is container-webapp-ecr
  • Copy your ECR repo URI from the repository and update that on the image coloumn
  • Map your ports, here its 80:80 ,
  • Now add, and create the Task definition.

Run the Task

  • goto Clusters, select Task then click Run New task
  • Select EC2
  • Select out Task Definition we created.
  • Select our Cluster
  • leave everything default and click Run Task

Once the Task is created you will be able to see a Running Status
if you navigate to external Link you will be able to see the live website.

Image external link

Congratulations, now you have successfully configured a docker image which you have pushed to ECR and Deployed on a container with ECS.

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