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How to Set up an everyday alert for your AWS usage bill – 100 days of cloud: Day 2


Setup an everyday alert for your AWS usage bill

DAY 2 – AWS Budgets

☁️100 days of Cloud- Day Two
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Monitor your costs against a specified dollar amount and receive alerts on a daily basis.
Use cases – everyday report to Managers, CFO, Cloud Administrator


AWS Account – User administrative privileges or with minimum access to the Budget (Limited: Read, Write)

You should have a budget setup on Billing & Cost Management Dashboard.

Also Make sure you create budget alert on root account if you are using ControlTower

Lets Start

For this tutorial i will be creating both budget and Budget reports.

Step 1

Create a budget

Billing Dashboard– Login to Aws Account and go to Billing , or click username on the right top area and then click Billing Dashboard
budget menu– Now click on to Budget and click Create Budgets
Costbudget– Select Cost Budget
Setting Budget– Select Period as Monthly(there are options available for Daily, Monthly, Annualy – Keep it as Recurring budget – Choose how to budget as Fixed – Enter your budgeted amount
Iname-** Name your Budget and click **Next
thresholdClick on add a threshold ,set 80% **as your threshold also enter the **Email recipients (alternatively you can add SNS arn if you have one). Click Next **and **Create Budget

Step 2

Creating a daily budget report

1– Go back to Billing Console and click Budgets Reports then click Create budget report
2– Select the newly created budget keep Delivery settings as Daily.
3Report frequency as Daily , and enter the email address of recipients. Finally give a name and click Create budget Report

🎉Congratulations🎉 you have successfully created a daily budget alert for you AWS infrastructure.

For more refinement on delivering these messages to Slack Channel, Microsoft Teams Channel or to any company chat channels i have created a sample tutorial here or read on


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