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3 Ways to geo-restrict your App 100 days of Cloud: Day 19


 3 Ways to geo-restrict your App – Day Nineteen

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In this tutorial i will show demo of , restricting your application to specific country.


Access to your WAF, Cloud Front, Route53 and privileges to manage it

🌩️ Using CloudFront

  • Login into Console and goto CloudFrontImage Cloudfront
  • Select your cloud front Distribution
  • Go to Geographic Restrictions and select edit
Image distribustion
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Select Block list, and type in the country you want to restrict. and click Save changes

Image restrict

🛡️ Using WAF & Shield

  • Login to console and go to WAF & ShieldImage waf
  • Select your Web ACLs and go to Rules. Then Click Add my own rules and rule group
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  • Select Rule Builder and Name the rule.
  • Select inspect as Originates from a country in and type the bad country you want to restrict access.
Image block country
  • Then select Action as Block then click Add rule.
Image blockrule

🛣️ Using Route53

  • Here the concept is a bit different rather than blocking them completely , what route53 does is it will redirect traffic from selected country to a diffrent end point which can be an s3 hosted site which says ” You don’t have access to this website from your country”.
    • Check out this Tutorial to see how can you create a website with s3.
    • once you host your site on s3 for the Bad-Country , you can just point it with R53.
  • Login into Console and goto Route53.
Image r53
  • Click on to your Hosted Zones and select Traffic policies.
  • Now clcik and create Create Traffic Policy
  • Name the Policy
Image name
  • Enter information as shown below. and click Create Traffic Policy
Image map

Select your Domain and Click Create Policy Records

Image r53policy

Remember there is $50 charge for this so its recommended to use first two options

🎉Congratulations🎉 you have successfully blocked access to your app for a unauthorised Country.

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